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Realme's NARZO

Realme's new budget series

Realme's NARZO

Realme has gained a lot of popularity since it’s launch of it’s first phone the realme 1 and It is the one of the fastest growing brand in INDIA

It has launched quiet a lot of popular phones under different series namely C series, the number series, the pro series and the X series and the company is soon going to launch a brand new series under the name NARZO to take on the likes of redmi and poco.

According to a twitter post by realme, we will be getting two models under this brand name, namely 10 and 10a. 10 will end up being the high end or more flashy variant where as 10a will be the budget option coming under this series. More about this phone will be revealed on the launch date which will be on 26th march at 12:30PM.

So, what’s NARZO, who is it really and what does it mean to the public while much of the details regarding the new smartphone portfolio are not out yet but, we can gather a bits of information from the promotional twitter post and the teaser and it is clearly evident that will be focusing on the youth and it’s key focuses will be on design, performance and it’s styling.