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Apple HomePod mini specs and features.

Apple is making up it's eco system and also copying others for forcing users to use their products.

Apple HomePod mini specs and features.

Apple is today’s event along with the iPhone has also launched the smaller variant of the HomePod, HomePod Mini.

Homepod Mini Specs and features:

The HomePod Mini similar to the original HomePod comes with a fabric mesh and includes a touch surface to control the volume and music playback at the top and the surface also lights up when you call upon Siri. It not only lets you ask queries but also controls your smart home devices.

The HomePod mini comes with a main driver, two passive radiators, and an acoustic waveguide at the bottom “for an immersive 360-degree audio experience”, says Apple. The Mini comes with Apple’s S5 chip to enable computational audio technology that adjusts how the music sounds 180 times per second. You can also pair 2 HomePod mini speakers for stereo sound.

The HomePod mini also connects to your iPhone letting you make and answer your phone calls, check your messages, and many more.

Apple HomePod mini. Apple HomePod mini internals

Price and Availability:

The HomePod mini is priced at $99 and will be available in two color variants, namely Space Grey and White. In India, the HomePod Mini is priced at Rs. 9,900 and will be up for pre-order from 6th November and will begin shipping from 16th November. It will be available to buy from Apple’s online store and authorized resellers.