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Does Megapixels Matter?

Does the higher megapixel camera sensors are really required for phones

Does Megapixels Matter?

Have you observed the increase in the promoting camera megapixels by most of the mobile companies? Can the 64MP can take really good photos than that of 12MP? Here are some of the important things you need to know..
Does Camera Megapixel numbers really matter? Does the increase of numbers from 12..48..64..108 really make a lot of difference? Does the higher megapixel cameras take really, that great photos?

In recent days, mobile manufacturers are advertising their mobiles with megapixel count and people believe that higher the megapixels better will be the camera and that’s the issue.

So basically megapixels means resolution, suppose the resolution of the image is 4000 pixels x 3000 pixels = 12 million pixels then it is 12 Megapixels. Likewise 8000 pixels x 6000 pixels = 48 million pixels, that is 48 MP.

So, now the idea you’ll get is Higher the Megapixels, More is the Resolution.

The only advantage of higher resolution is that you get more details when you zoom in so you can either crop out or you can print out in a larger size.

  • But, is more resolution the same thing as better image quality?
    The answer is a big NO.


Resolution is just one side of a coin, but the other side of the coin is lot more important. When it comes to the image rendering, there are other factors you need to consider like Colors, Dynamic Range, Highlights, Shadows, Low light performance and Noice Reduction.

Considering very serious image quality so in terms of smartphone, let’s talk about the hardware first, so you have a lens you have a sensor right and the sensor in the mobile phones especially are very small and if the sensor is small doesn’t matter if you have higher megapixels the image quality is not going to improve by a lot.

Explain in detail about low light performance, software is as important as the hardware, because when you’re taking the image the raw image is captured but the image processing software processes that image and then you see the JPEG file. So how good the image processing software is, actually matters.

Till date, Apple and Google Pixel didn’t take a camera that has more than 12.2 MP.

But why is the image quality is so good? The answer is the software. Software is on point and that is why the images you see are so good in terms of colors and dynamic range so just because you’d have less number of megapixels doesn’t mean that you have bad image quality.

Once checkout this video to know, how higher megapixel camera sensors struggle to keep the subject in focus and in low light….

Suppose you are the sensor and I tell you to fill 12 boxes you will do the work right but when I tell you to fill 108 boxes you will get tired because that is out of your ability same happens with the sensor the sensor is small.

I believe low-light photography is a huge deal right so just because you have more megapixels if you think you’re going to get better images give it one more thought it can actually give you worse images than your lower megapixel mobile phones.

So next time you are making a purchase decision, you have to consider these criteria in terms of camera are

  • Color
  • Dynamic Range
  • Low-light performance

And the priority is to the Megapixels. Companies will try to make you fool, but you don’t have to be fooled by the numbers. Here at DevsKrate, we’re here for you to clear the mess up and make you choose the right decision.