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Cool websites to visit, when you get bored!

These are few websites, when you get bored

Cool websites to visit, when you get bored!

Have you ever felt bored? Ofcourse YES… I know. Here are the cool websites to visit when you feel bored on internet.


FreeSound is the largest database of sound tracks that are available for free and when I say largest, I mean it.. So, There are tons of paid sites, that sell sound tracks. But if you ever need one, then go to freesound.org. You can find anything for a Bleep sound to a audio of someone flushing a toilet.



Unlike Netflix, which keep you awake at nights. Napflix will help you fall asleep. It shows you hours of boring videos, which will calm you down And probably help you to sleep faster.


3. webkay - What every Browser knows about you

This website tells you what your browser know about you, and all the website can access these data without asking your permission. Like your approx Location, your OS and the browser, what computer are you using, what social media are you logged in and a lot of other private stuff.


But what I really want to point out here is that The online sites also track your battery percentage not just in desktop, but also on mobile. So, imagine, you want to book an uber with less than 5% battery juice. Well, then then technically, it’s possible for the company to increase price just for you. Not saying this would happen, but technically it’s possible.

Visit webkay here

4. Super Log Out

Well, talking about the browser, try out super log. It’s a simple app that automatically log you out of all the sign in account on your browser with just one click.

Super Log Out

When you are using a public or friends computer though, don’t click on the link Unless you really want to use this service.

Visit Super Log Out here. Caution: Dont Visit, unless you require it!!!

5. Button Bass

This website plays a EDM loop when you tap a cube and if you are good with this, you can make your own music.

Button Bass

And that’s not all, There are several other genre like dubstep, electronic and yes, there are android apps for that as well. Though, there is no option to record the audio. So, you’ll have to use sound sought of workaround.

Visit Button Bass here

6. Radio Garden

Now, let me tell you a secret, back then in 1980, we used to have a big radio in our house. It’s quite wonderful, how quickly technology change. So, anyways, Radio garden is music website that let you listen to 8000 live radio station from all around the world. It’s a great way to discover new songs from different language.
Visit Radio Garden here

Radio Garden