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Does Fast Charging affect phone's battery life?

Fast Charge for phones is safe or not?

Does Fast Charging affect phone's battery life?

From the start of 2020 trend of plenty of devices released which support fast charging. Evry flagship has at least 30W Fast charging and IQOO3 has 55W which surprised us all these days. But recently IQOO, Oppo, Realme launched 120W Fast charge mechanism which can charge a phone with 4000mAh battery in 15 mins and that’s really insane. Even i take nearly 20 minutes of coffee break to recharge my mind with fresh thoughts.

Fast Charging will save your time but can they save the durability of your phone? Let’s discuss one major problem this fast charging mechanism will bring to our life.

Battery Life

Many of us are unaware of this term called Battery Life. In simple terms

If they buy a phone with 4000mAh now, After 3 years battery life may degrade to 3000mAh as it is a hardware, and it usually does, So your phone’s battery life decreased by 25%

When you buy a phone it may have 95 to 98% of battery life and from then batteries continue to degrade to 80,70,60,20… You can clearly observe this with the time taken by your device to charge and time is taken to discharge. Phone will charge quickly also it discharges very quickly because actual battery capacity at that instance of time is 50% of actual battery capacity.

Also heat generated within the device when you do things like charging, gaming, camera processing will affect battery life.

Usually, phones are designed to operate in temperatures from 25 to 35 degrees, Also these temperatures won’t feeling any burning sensation for us. But when you play high graphic games like PUBG, Asphalt phones will heat up to 40-degree temperature and surely this will affect your battery life

Effect of Fast Charging

Fast charging mechanism will generate more heat within your device as higher watts of power is being charged to a battery in a completely closed space. Because of this phone will get heated up, so that it can release the inner heat to outside. But if the phone heats while charging users will raise it as an issue, so smartphone makers are using liquid-cooling system, graphite sheeting, and multiple layers between the battery and outer part. In this way they will handle heat within the device and device will heat to a little high temperature than usual, Thus users will feel that this slight heating will be common while charging. But the heat generated inside the device will affect your battery, gradually cells will die and your battery capacity will be lowered.

Faster charging mechanisms like 120W Dart Charge will affect more as the temperature of the device while charging will be more than 40 degrees. Not just battery many internal parts will be affected.

This results in

Sooner or later your battery capacity will be decreased to 50%, which means you’ll be using a phone with 2000mAh Battery, Then rather than changing the battery in the device, you will buy a new device. Sometimes this may lead to device explosion if the device can’t take a higher watt charge. Thus users will be affected more than smartphone makers. So think before you buy, spending 30 minutes more every time you charge your device may result in more life to your device.

I think this law explains everything in a single line

Every Action will have an equal and opposite reaction - Newton