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Apple Watch OS and TV OS

Everything about Watch OS 7 and TV OS 14

Apple Watch OS and TV OS

Apple has released new WatchOS and tvOS, here is a quick view of them.

Watch OS:

  • Apple with watchOS 7 brings the most requested features that’s Sleep tracking. This feature will let you set a bedtime and wake-up alarm and will even help you in maintaining a proper sleep cycle.
  • WatchOS 7 will have a new feature called complications, which is Apple fancy term for widgets in Apple watch. Now, developers will be able to enable richer complication combinations — more than one per app on a single watch face for the first time — so users can customize more detailed watch faces themselves.
  • Face Sharing, which lets you share watch face with others. These will be available as curated watch faces in the Apple Watch app store or shareable between individuals or as links on social media sites.
  • The new watchOS now supports cycling directions and fitness tracking for dance workouts and Apple is rebranding the existing Activity into Fitness app.
  • In the time of current pandemic washing hands have become much more important and to help users do it correctly this watchOS comes with a hand-washing detection system, which sets a countdown to tell you how long to keep washing to match the amount of time recommended by health officials.
  • The update will release this fall for the Apple Watch Series 3 and later, meaning Apple is dropping support for the Series 1 and Series 2. You’ll need at least an iPhone 6S or later running iOS 14 to support watchOS 7.


The TV OS 14 comes with Home app and Apple calls it the Home View. This brings native HomeKit integration and features like camera feeds directly to your Apple TV experience and more. Home View also includes the option to quickly view any camera you want.

  • TV OS also delivers support for multiple users for Apple Arcade games, this will allow users to pick up their game right where they left off. This also has support for Xbox Elite 2 and Xbox Adaptive controllers. Apple also brought audio sharing features and Picture in Picture Mode to the Apple TV.Apple tv can also play 4k video from iPhone or the iPad using AirPlay.