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6 photo-editing apps for mobile photographers

Best photo editing apps for mobile photographers

6 photo-editing apps for mobile photographers

Your phone’s gallery is bursting with new pictures and photos you’ve taken over the years, desperate to see the light of day again and get a fresh new makeover. The iPhone app store on iOS and Google Play store on Android are full of creative apps that can give your existing shots a whole new look.

And some of the photo editing apps, we’ve felt good are

1. Snapseed:
Google-owned Snapseed offers a wide range of exposure and color tools to make tweaks to your images, but also has plenty of filter options, from vintage styles to modern, punchy HDR looks. You can layer the effects up to create some interesting edits on your image. And best of all, it’s totally free.


Available on iOS | Android (Free)

2. Lightroom:
Adobe Lightroom remains an industry standard for professional photographers and the mobile version is much the same. You’ll find no stickers, animations or emoji here, but you will get fine grain control over your image and the same set of tools you’d find in Lightroom on desktop.


Available on iOS | Android (Free, In-app purchases available)

3. Adobe Photoshop Express:
Photoshop Express has many of the same features you’d find in Lightroom, including exposure, contrast and color editing options, but strips out some of the pro tools and cloud syncing and, crucially, ditches the subscription fee. It’s a great tool for tweaking your images to bring out their best, but you’ll also find a decent selection of filters and overlay textures, as well as tools for making cool collages from your images.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Available on iOS | Android (Free)

4. VSCO:
VSCO began life making color grading presets for Lightroom and its roots are clear in the app today. Rather than offer stickers and animated GIFs for Snapchat enthusiasts, VSCO is all about the more artful filmic color filters. The app has a huge range of presets available.
It’s got a great selection of black-and-white filters too, making it a great choice to experiment with if you’re into your moody monochrome shots.


Available on iOS | Android (Free, In-app purchases available)

5. PicsArt:
PicsArt has a huge range of editing tools available to you, from basic adjustments like exposure and contrast, through to cinematic color grading and dramatic filters that transform your images into painting-like pieces of art. There are loads of options for both the tone and shape of your face in selfies – I won’t go into the ethics of using these tools for “beauty” purposes.


Available on iOS | Android (Free, In-app purchases available)

6. Photofox:
Photofox has powerful tools for removing subjects from background that let you composite in new backgrounds, or apply awesome effects. Photofox has endless possibilities of what you can do by layering and compositing different types of images and applying different effects to each.


Available on iOS (Free, In-app purchases available)

Hope these apps will be useful and will come up with new set of best apps in a different category✌.

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