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Apple AR Glasses

The Next Big Thing after the original iPhone

Apple AR Glasses

Apple is well known for bringing groundbreaking technology like The Macintosh, which brought a Graphical User Interface(GUI), The iPod, which changed the entire MP3 Player and the iPhone, which paved the path for the advanced technology we are enjoying in our current smartphones. After the original iPhone, Apple launched several other products, some were good while some were bad but none of them were revolutionary and Apple’s AR glasses plans to change that.

Whats AR:

AR stands for Augmented Reality. AR is a technology whose goal is to augment or enhance one’s physical environment by adding digital elements.

Apple Glass:

AR glasses is not a new technology, we have already have seen several companies like Google, Microsoft, Oculus and other companies have already been making them mainstream but none of them could bring them mainstream apart from the dedicated tech community because they either the product lacks good hardware or good user experience and the good ones are expensive and Apple is planning to change that.


Speaking about the glasses, it will look exactly similar to a ordinary glass. These glasses are said to run from the iPhone similar to that of the original apple watch. Each lens will be coming with an 8K display to show the contents. This will have no cameras for privacy reasons and instead will use a LIDAR( Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging ) to detect the environment, it is similar to how bats use sound waves to see the surroundings. Lidar is also found in self-driving cars and even in apple’s own 2020’s iPad pro and the lidar sensor in iPad pro is good enough to make a detailed mesh of its surroundings.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple glasses will be an accessory to the iPhone, and all the computing, processing, networking, and positioning data will be off-loaded to the iPhone. Offloading data to the iPhone will allow the glasses to be slimmer and lighter.

The glasses are also expected to synchronize with iPhone to display things like text, email, maps, and several other things. According to a patent, the system will also have the capability of identifying vision problems and automatically adjust the refraction of the display and lenses to help the user see, this eliminates the need to wear a dedicated precipitation lenses beneath the ar glasses.


These glasses are expected to run on ROS( Reality Operating System ) based on IOS. Apple is also planning for a 3rd party apps and a dedicated app store. The user interface can be controlled by gestures on the frames or by using hands.


The Apple approach of simplicity and attention to detail when it comes to user experience has helped make the Macintosh, iPod, and iPhone the success they got and we are expecting the same strategy will help AR come to the mainstream. The product is expected to come in 2022 at a price point of 499$.

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