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Buying Last year Flagship over midranger

Once a Flagship, Always a Flagship?

Buying Last year Flagship over midranger

With the ever-increasing options of smartphones available, there is always a question of whether to buy a previous year’s flagship or this year’s midrange. Let’s find out which suits you the most, find out in this article.

1. Build Quality:

Previous year’s flagship comes with a way better build quality and with a premium design when compared to a midrange. Some previous years flagships even come with IP Rating.


Speaking about display, most of the previous year’s flagship comes with AMOLED screens which is better than IPS display which most midrange’s offer and and few flagships even offer higher refresh rates.


Talking about camera, Most previous flagships come superior camera quality when compared to midrange and speaking of video, previous year’s flagship comes with OIS for better video stabilization.

4. Performance:

Previous years flagship comes with a better performance when compared to midrange and it even offers way better gaming performance than midrange.


The trend in 2020 has been a bigger battery, which means mid-rangers get a higher capacity battery which coupled with a power-efficient battery also the fact that battery decays as the time passes whether you use it or not gives mid-range the edge in terms of battery.

6.Software Updates:

Unless you are using an iOS device previous year’s flagships have less chance of getting a major software update and we can expect the midrange to get at least one software update and midranges are also expected to get better security updates as well.


If you are a gamer or someone who priorities camera and display then you will be better suited with previous years flagship phone but if you are someone who wants to stick to their smartphones for longer time and battery life is one of your priority then this year’s midrange is better for you.