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Intorducing Mlogs

Short and Quick updates.

Intorducing Mlogs

Introducing Mlogs

Mlogs are mini-blogs which have read time less than 5 minutes and these are completely mobile friendly.

You can read these mlogs easily using instant view in telegram

Mlog - Mini Mobile friendly Blogs

Why Mlogs?

Why Mlogs

Being a techster we want to explore more things related to tech and we feel very interesting to keep updated with updated news and applications.

Rather than combining some set of topics in a single blog we want to split these topics into mlogs to keep you updated by spending minimal amount of time.

Series of mlogs

There will be different series of mlogs each series will talk about different topics.

We will make sure that these mlog series will be as interesting as Netflix’s web-series.

Our first mlog series will help you to understand better tricks while working with Linux and Commands in it.

Here is our first mlog - Transferfiles between PC and mobile wirelessly by scanning QR code

Trust me we are going to help you automate all your routine boring stuff you’re doing out there all these days in linux.

So what are you waiting for let’s heist some knowledge from DevsKrate

Happy Quarantine

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